Studio tracks of original compositions were produced in collaboration with students in my audio production classes since 1997. Track 6 is my self-penned tribute to music legends The Rolling Stones and Howlin' Wolf.

This is DIY production at its best!  Some of these tracks were produced on a 4 track cassette machine bouncing to DAT for a reduction mix and back to 4 track for more overdubbing, in the same manner before 8 , 16, and 24 track became commonplace in all studios. Later tracks circa 2004 to 2005 were recorded and mixed on a 24 track DAW. In recent years, recordings have been made on Adobe Audition via a Roland USB interface.

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PIFFARO, a Philadelphia area Renaissance ensemble that performs with period instruments. Recorded in the St. Mary's Chapel at Villanova University, Spring 2003.


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