MATERIALS NEEDED: a new miniDV tape (not the one used for cam ex 1&2), headphones, camcorder, tripod, mic kit, shot list

You will select one person from your group to be the subject of a "day in the life" documentary type piece. Please meet sometime before next class and create a list of shots and individual scenes for your subject to act out. You can make it funny or serious. You will shoot this raw footage and edit it later in a future class meeting. You can semi-script this piece as a guide, but you aren't required to hand that part in. It's just something for you to follow when you shoot and when you edit. Memorization of lines isn't required. Improvised lines are OK. Assign one person to be the director and the camera op. Work together just like you did in the previous two camera exercises. You can script a voice over where you'll edit in shots that were captured separately. I can show you how to do that with iMovie. When you devise your shots and scenarios, think in terms of having a new shot every 10-15 sec, just like you'll be required to do with your clip inserts for your final project.

As far as audio goes, it's only necessary to use the handheld wired mic when some is speaking directly to the camera or is being interviewed. For the capture of "cutaway" shots (shot that will be edited in later underneath the main character's voice over, for example) , the camera's built in mic will be fine. The Canon GL2 and the Sony PDX 10 have good camera mics for this purpose.

I must see at least one of the following elements included in the final piece

1. CU of a person and a CU of an inanimate object

2. MCU of a person

3. MS of a person

4. LS of a person and a LS of a location

5. a shot that PANS (can be combined with any shots listed above)

6.  shot that TILTS (can be combined with any shots listed above)

7. a shot that's handheld and not from a tripod. (can be combined with any shots listed above)

The finished piece must be 3 minutes, so plan your shots accordingly. Use your imagination! This exercise is a great warm up to the production of your clip inserts for your final project.