COM 3250-001 SPRING 2005






1. As a class, tape four installments of 800 Lancaster to be broadcast on VTV.


2. Serve as the production crew for 800 Lancaster tapings and any other assigned project. Crew assignments will be made at my discretion, although students can indicate preferences.


3. Produce man-in-the-street (MITS) pieces (min 2, max 4 minute length) for Show 1 and for continued skills practice as assigned. We’ll do this only in the event of a shortage of material for future shows.


4. Produce two other feature pieces (min 3, max 5 minute length) for Shows 2-4. These will be graded.


5. Submit a descriptive outline of the content of the feature pieces (Shows 2-4). I should be able to have a complete idea of the student’s intentions. These outlines will be emailed to me when assigned.


6. Learn to use wireless mic and advanced boom mic hardware for audio capture. (Shows 2-4) 




1. Serve as show host. Hosts must be appropriately dressed for the show tapings and should have TelePrompter copy prepped in advance if they so choose. TelePrompter is recommended but not required for hosts.


2. The 3 min pieces can be hard news, soft news, or entertainment-styled pieces (comedy or dramatic sketches are OK, for example). Students have great flexibility to choose their own content. The instructor reserves the final right of approval in every case. This is why the outline is important.


Guidelines for features:


1.      All shots must be properly composed to my established standards set in COM 3210. I should see a proper mix of shots (MCU, MS, and LS) included. All footage should be shot with a tripod. Tripod and/or hand held shots must be steady and level.

2.      Shots must be lit correctly.

3.      All audio capture must be clean. Audio levels must be consistent throughout the entire edited product.

4.      No jump cuts in the edited product.

5.      A 5 second slate must be edited into the feature 2 sec before the first footage that is seen on screen. A slate will consist of your name, COM 3250 Spring 05, the title of the piece, and the total length of the piece in minutes and seconds. Do not include the slate in calculating the length of the piece. The slate can be simply white characters over a black background.

6.      Finished features must be dubbed to miniDV tape for inclusion in the program.

7.      If any review is needed, please refer to the “Tips for Better Shooting” under any COM 3210 link on my homepage.

8.      Failure to observe any of the standards listed under #1-#6 will result in point deductions.


Please note: all material used in the show is subject to prior review by the instructor. Features that contain offensive language, sexually explicit content, or promote alcohol or illegal drug use will be prohibited. The instructor reserves the right to cut any feature from the show that doesn’t meet these criteria.