CAMERA EXERCISE 2 directions

This script is designed for a single camera film style production. You can use this format when you compose your Final Project scripts, but please remember that it would only be for the clip inserts that you tape outside the studio in single camera film style. You will use the format for the studio segments that was taught during the first two weeks of class. Where the script notates "TRANSITION TO" is just a guide that you'll follow when you eventually edit this footage during a future class meeting. There are also some video cues (fade from/to black) and music cues that you'll need to address during the editing phase. Record the Host's monologue while you are taping the shot. Be sure to keep in mind that the Host isn't always in the shot. Follow the shot descriptions to the letter. You will be graded on how well you follow the script.

You will work in your assigned groups and tape the shots in the included script. I will return your tape from Cam. Ex. 1 before you leave to complete the assignment. Just start shooting your new footage from the spot where your cam ex 1 footage ends. Please don't rewind! You will receive the same gear that you used during Camera Exercise 1, however, please be prepared to receive either a Canon or a Sony camera. Assign one person to be the talent, one person to be the director, and one person to be the camera operator. You are not required to switch positions throughout this exercise. Tape each shot at least twice, or until you are satisfied with the shot and the talent performance. Be sure to follow the camera operation tips you've been taught. It might help to bring along your Tips for Better Shooting as a guide. You should be able to complete the entire script well within class time.

Here is the  script. You must have MS Excel to open this file. Please print a copy and bring to class.