Supply the appropriate information for each of the following. Word-process your answers in a MS Word document and email them to me on the due dates. Part of your answer for question #13 can be copied and pasted right from the screenplays. It will be helpful to be familiar with the information hyperlinked from the underlined terms included in the questions.


  1. Name of film and year of release.
  2. Name the director.
  3. Name the screenwriter(s)
  4. Cinematographer
  5. Identify the film’s original theatrical release aspect ratio (non-“pan & scan”)
  6. What is the genre of this film?
  7. Identify at least 5 main/supporting characters and the actors playing them.
  8. Write a synopsis of the film in 25 words or less. What are the theme(s) discussed in the scenario?
  9. Of the 5 characters identified in #7, which among them undergoes the most positive or negative change from the beginning of the film until the end? Do these changes coincide with the film’s theme(s)?
  10. How is the soundtrack integrated into the film? Name at least 3 examples, if possible, where the musical score or the use of individual songs supports the film’s theme(s)? Identify which scenes this occurs.
  11. How is the cinematography integrated into the film? Does it support the film’s thematic elements? How?
  12. Identify and describe at least 5 camera shots from the film that illustrate or support any of the film’s themes.
  13. Identify 5 lines of dialogue in the film that illustrate or support any of the film’s themes. How do your choices accomplish this? Explain.
  14. How did the film strike you on an aesthetic level? Describe your overall reaction to the film after having now studied it in a scholarly fashion, as opposed to just having viewed it for its entertainment value.