Spring 2007




2. Mark Anthony Hauck, M.S.


3. Email:



Phone contact: 610-772-0972


4. Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7th and 8th period, Library Computer Lab Rm. 301
Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School, Norristown, PA.

Any class cancellations will be announced by Sr. Janet prior to class.


5. Zettl, Herbert (2004) Video Basics 4 (4th Ed.) Thomson Wadsworth Pubs.
ISBN 0-534-61245-8


6. The goal of this course is to introduce students to fundamentals used in modern digital TV/film production. The students will apply these fundamentals to the production of their own short film projects. Course objectives would include an understanding of 1) TV/film production terminology, 2) basic production principles, 3) script writing format, and 4) post-production editing principles


7. Assessment of student progress will come in the form of 2 short form video projects, 3 film analysis papers, and a final exam.


Syllabus Change (effective 3/26/07) ALL of the aforementioned projects, papers, and exams must be submitted to ensure at least a passing grade in this course.


8. Grading Rubric: 


A+, A, A- grade: The student has an excellent understanding of the basic fundamentals appropriate for a beginning student.


B+, B, B- grade: The student has a very good understanding of the basic fundamentals appropriate for a beginning student.


C+, C, C- grade: The student has an average understanding of the basic fundamentals appropriate for a beginning student.


D grade: The student has a poor understanding of the basic fundamentals appropriate for a beginning student.


F grade: The student has no understanding of the basic fundamentals appropriate for a beginning student.


9. Course Schedule:


Week 1—2/6, 2/8
Course Overview

Pre-production phase overview


Week 2--2/13, 2/15
Discussion of Hollywood film production
Internet Movie Database assignment


Week 3—2/20, 2/22

Film Analysis overview
Final Project overview

Script Format introduction

Intro to basic camera operations & Camera Exercise


Week 4—2/27, 3/1

Camera Exercise production

Production phase overview


Week 5—3/6, 3/8

Post-Production phase overview

Introduction to NLE (Non-Linear Editing)


Week 6—3/13, 3/15

Post-production- Camera Exercise

Script for Final Project due


Week 7—3/20, 3/22

Post-Production- Camera Exercise
Film Analysis 1 due


Week 8—3/27, 3/29

Camera Exercise post-production completed, due on 3/29

Post-Production- Final Projects


Week 9—4/3

Viewing Camera Exercise
Film Analysis 2 due


Week 10—4/10, 4/12
Post-production- Final Projects


Week 11—4/17, 4/19

Post Production- Final Projects

Film Analysis 3 due

Final Exam posted on Mark’s website (4/20)


Week 12—4/24, 4/26

Post-Production- Final Projects (due end of class 4/24)

View Final Projects (4/26)





You will shoot and edit a 5 minute “Day in the Life” piece of another student (your choice).
All footage for this exercise will be shot in class. Your finished piece will include interview footage
and B-roll footage of the subject going about their daily activities while at school. It will be your
job to come up with some questions to ask them for the interview segments.


TECHNICAL STANDARDS: No one camera shot can last on the screen for longer than 15 seconds.
A camera shot can be on screen for a shorter duration, that would be OK.
You will include background music throughout the entire piece. Titles identifying who’s on camera must
be included at the appropriate moments. An opening title and closing credits must be included.
Due date listed above.




You will complete 3 film analysis papers based on the films listed on my website. No other exceptions
will be made. You must select one film from each decade listed. One film per decade only. Follow this
format for your papers. Due dates listed above.




You will submit a finished script prior to starting your production. Your Final Project will be at least 6-7 minutes.
It will be shot on your own time outside of class. Any shooting of footage in class must first be approved.
All post-production will be done in class so I can monitor your progress. Technical standards for this project
will be same as your Camera Exercise. Due date listed above.


FINAL EXAM overview


The Final Exam will be of a take home variety. All questions will be taken from the text book and the TV/Film notes

on my website. The exam will be posted on or about 4/20. You will have about 3 days to complete this exam. All
directions will be posted on the exam.