Final Project for COM 3270


Each student selecting this option will work with a partner assigned by the instructor. These students will be required to attend a minimum of four classes from week 4 to 14 and perform in the following capacities: studio assistant (2 weeks) and producer (2 weeks). The job assignments will be posted on the instructor’s homepage after week 2.

On the evenings that students are assigned to act as producers to record their project or act as studio assistants, they may be asked to stay anywhere from 30-60 minutes after 8:50 PM to complete work with the instructor, as studio time is limited. The process of building a song in a studio can be a complex process, so some flexibility must be offered by all those involved. Please note that the instructor will always be present to assist students in the in-studio production process. So if a recording session runs to 10 PM, the instructor is there for the duration. This is a guarantee! It is highly recommended that these students do not pre-plan any other activities on these evenings as well. This is the only way students will be able to complete their projects and ensure the quality needed to earn a good grade.


Please note that Fridays and weekends are an option for regularly scheduled or extended sessions, if necessary. This arrangement must be made by a mutual agreement between the instructor and the students involved.

In-studio producers will be required to record one 3-6 minute song in the studio using a minimum of 8 tracks. This is what can be reasonably accomplished in two class periods. It is required that at least one electric, one acoustic, one vocal, and one percussion track be included in the song. At the discretion of the instructor, and if time permits, more tracks could be added to the song. The students are requested to provide their own song material and musical talent, however, if they have difficulties here, the instructor will volunteer his own repertoire of sheet music and musical instruments to meet project requirements. Please give the instructor one week’s notice in this event. Originals or cover tunes are perfectly acceptable examples of song material for producers to record. It is STRONGLY recommended that songs with moderately easy arrangements be chosen so that studio time is not wasted on endless retakes of difficult material. The instructor reserves the right to reject an arrangement he deems will be too time consuming or difficult to produce in two weeks.

One week prior to your assigned recording session, each group will be required to submit an outline of the arrangement of the song, which would include the name of the song, what instruments, amplifiers (no larger than 50 watts), vocalists, and personnel will be involved in the recording.

What each group will submit for evaluation:

1. A hardware and instrument list used in the song's recording (ONE WEEK PRIOR TO SCHEDULED RECORDING SESSION)

2. A track sheet that details the song's arrangement.*

3. A sheet with an illustration of the "stereo diagram."*

*these sheets are downloadable from my homepage

 PLEASE NOTE: Musical talent or lack thereof is NOT important to be successful in this course! Remember that musical talent will be provided for you if none is at your disposal. All you need to succeed in this course is excellent effort and a desire to learn.