Final Project for COM 3270


Upon the approval of the instructor, students with their own recording hardware and/or software can produce their own project independent of the rest of the class. The instructor must be given a description of the studentís recording hardware and/or software array before being approved for this option. Students must supply this description in writing by week 2 of class.


1. Final Project must be 4-6 minutes in length and include a minimum of 12 tracks of musical instruments and vocals.

2. A WORD PROCESSED production proposal (song title, instrument list, and arrangement) must be submitted and approved by the instructor by week 3. The song must contain at least one electric instrument through an amplifier, one acoustically recorded instrument, one vocal, and one percussion track. Again, please note that a studentís ability to choose this option is at the total discretion of the instructor.

3. A CD-R copy of the basic tracks (minimum 4) must be submitted by the date listed on the syllabus. The CD-R will contain the following:

a.Each basic track will be burned as an individual .wav file
(at minimum 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo)

b. A mix of all the basic tracks will also be included as another separate .wav file.

c. Hardware and instrument list used in the recording of the basic tracks

d. Track sheet that details the song's arrangement so far.*

4. Minimum of 12 tracks must be recorded and mixed for the final submission on the date listed on the syllabus. This will be submitted on a CD-R in two forms:

a.A .wav file recorded (at minimum 44 KHz 16 bit stereo) of the entire stereo ††mix.

††††††††††† b.††† A music file (.cda) of the entire stereo mix.

c. †††Hardware and instrument list used in the entire recording

†††††††††† d. ††Track sheet that details the song's arrangement.*

††††††††††† e. ††Stereo diagram* of the entire final mix

5.DIY option students are required to attend and observe two recording sessions in class during weeks 4-14.

*these sheets are downloadable from my homepage