Audio Terminology Glossary



Another Glossary of Audio Terminology




Excellent Recording Information Resources



Two on-line journals of the professional recording industry.




Home of ProTools



Home of AKG Microphones



Home of Neumann Microphones



Home of Sennheiser Microphones



Home of Shure Microphones



AIR Studios



Abbey Road Studios



Electric Lady Studios



Trident Sound



Realworld Studios



History of GoldStar Studios, Home of the "Wall of Sound"



Sir George Martin



Links to other producers from the 60s
(click “Producers + Songwriters” link in left pane on main page)



A Critique of ALL THINGS MUST PASS recordings
from producer Phil Spector to George Harrison



"The Problem with Music"
a lively rant by producer Steve Albini



Guitar Geek (equipment set-ups of  pro guitarists)