Until 1995, my primary passions were music, theater, and film. I pursued them as a means to express myself and most of all, have fun with them. I am also one who bcoms easily bored with mundane tasks, so I chose professions that would always keep me engaged.
The fact that I am strongly right-brained and left-handed can't be discounted as a factor in my decision to pursue the arts
as a vocation.

Since 1995, I have acquired another creative passion-- teaching. My opinion is that teaching is also an art form. I'm educating young people while still having fun with music, theater, and film. My energy can be directed toward how I can engage students in the classroom. Helping students learn is one of most rewarding experiences I have ever known. I believe that the best teachers are not only masters of their content, but entertainers, as well. Teaching is a performance. If you can't be "on" and engage the attention spans of young people raised on TV and computers, then they'll tune out. For the ignorant fools who hold to the maxim that "those who can, do; those who can't, teach" -- forget the reality that they, too, were taught and likely influenced by a teacher at some point in their lives.

As for the work featured on this website-- it's all stuff I've worked on solo or in collaboration with a variety of great people
  of all ages, spanning nearly four decades.

  Feel free to contact me for further information or if you have questions.  MARK@RIGHTBRAINPRO.COM

Mark Anthony Hauck, M.S., M.Ed.